The Broken

Extreme devastation and mass extinction of living beings has blackened a distant universe, and an epic war continues to rage. On a ruined planet, machines of war battle desperately in a death-match to fulfill an ancient prophecy; the fecundation of a new future.



WeWereMonkeys was contacted by Executive Producer Geoff McLean at Vision Entertainment, and American rep Randi Wilens at RW Media to write a treatment for Coheed and Cambria's song "The Broken."

The energy of the music struck us immediately and inspired us to write an epic saga. As our vision would not fit inside the length of the song, we decided to write the video as the second part of a trilogy of works. We would drop the viewer unprepared into a futuristic battle of massive proportions; a death-match between cyborg titans, spaceships and mechanical beasts fighting to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Their mission: to take control of an enigmatic ascending monolith; the destiny of which will be revealed in part III.


Like in classic science fiction films, we built our machines of war as custom scale models. Our intention was to design the models to appear functional, yet artistically abstract in their form. For this, we worked to character sketches, but allowed spontaneity and inspiration to help guide the final designs.

For materials, we disassembled remote controlled vehicles, kitchen utensils, electrical components, and 50 scale model kits. From these parts, we custom-created a total of 15 models in two days. We then airbrushed and weathered the models to give them a dirty and battle-scarred look. We shot stills and video of the models in our green screen studio, and then brought them into our post apocalyptic world using Photoshop and After Effects.

For the live actors, we created custom-designed costumes with the goal of creating interesting post-apocalyptic silhouettes. Because our actors needed to run and preform stunts, we decided to film outdoors on a snow-covered hill that acted like a gigantic white backdrop. This made it easy to luma key out the darkly dressed actors.

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Aesthetically, we wanted the saga to be cinematic and visually stunning; an epic visual feast. The chromatic feel would be cold-cadaver-blue contrasted by blood red; the souls of the machines.

Our goal was to create a work that was grungy and organic, so we set a ground rule: everything in the video must have a hand-crafted feel to it. Landscapes, models and 3D renders were matte-painted in Photoshop using drawing tablets. The video was primarily created in After Effects, with some classical animation added via Flash and Photoshop.

The End

We would like to thank H.R. Giger, H.P Lovecraft, Syd Mead, George Lucas, and The Terminator for inspiring us during the creation of this video.

Mihai Wilson & Davide Di Saro
Marcella Moser

Lester Nielson
Nicky Kidmans
Brad Pat

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